Upcoming Interview: Bruce Campbell the Legend!

Phew.. what a busy last couple of months. site has HARDCORE blown up out of control and it has come time for the chat with the MAN the MYTH the LEGEND Bruce Cambpell. First off want to help the staff of the site for helping out to keep things going so damn smooth around here.

Bruce couldnt do the interview sooner because he actually went on location for a project he is working on. So no he didnt snub us, or brush us off. He was pretty damn cool. Didnt go through his agent, dealt directly with us and did it in a TIMELY and friendly fashion.

This guy is one of my long time idles in the film business and its great to see that unlike meeting one of my other idles who was a complete idiot in person, that Bruce is a great guy.  SO! This is your last chance to post questions... I am emailing Bruce as we speak to setup the interview, and if you got some last minute question for Bruce post it here
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