In the Works: Dead Rising 2


A long time ago we told you that Capcom was contemplating a sequel to DEAD RISING one of the coolest zombie movies ever made. Now IGN has confirmed that rumor and says that Dead Rising 2 is in the works. There are no details on the game but I know that I have my own wish list of details the game needs.

Dead Rising 2 should be based in a city, not a mall and should cover many city blocks. You can use the same gameplay style but on a larger outdoor / indoor city scale. Also there needs to be a bit more attention put into the game to make it a bit less repetitive. A larger city with more quests however would pretty much do that.

If you had you own say in the Dead Rising Sequel what features and additions would you like to see? Me I want a variation of Zach Snyders Dawn of the Dead!

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