Twilight and Madonna Make a Horror Film


What a combination of producing credits, listen to this quote from the movie as reported by

“From the producers of Twilight and Madonna’s Maverick Films comes Sam’s Lake co-starring Fay Masterson (Resident Evil: Apocalypse)."

Sam's Lake hits theaters in LA today with a february opening scheduled for New York City.  Lionsgate is set to release the DVD in April.

Check out the trailer below as well as the synopsis for this interesting group of producers. 

Synopsis:  Inspired by a murder-mystery-turned-legend surrounding a massacre near “Sam’s Lake,” the film follows Sam, a young woman who, every summer, returns home to the secluded lakeside cottage she grew up in, to reconnect with her traditions and memories of the past deep within an isolated forest. This year’s guests are a group of hip, young urbanites, who join Sam on her annual trip. But when Sam and her childhood friend and local to the area, Jesse, take the group on an adventure to revisit the site of the murder they all come face to face with the terrifying legend of “Sam’s Lake.”

Sam's Lake Trailer

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