Poster for Ryan Nicholsons HANGER


Today we have a new poster for HANGER the new flick from Ryan Nicholson who did Live Feed and Gutterballs. This new poster has quite a different vibe from the first poster and makes me wonder what the message is. Is it a b-movie in the making? Or is it a SAW'esque scare fest? Check it out below as well as a poster we shared many months ago. Kudos to UHM for the new poster.

Pulled into this world to take you out! A horrifying tale of revenge... beginning with a back-alley abortion and ending with a bloodbath so vicious that it brings a new meaning to "an eye for eye". From pimps to dealers, from hookers and junkies... "Hanger" washes the filth away with their own blood, cleaning the streets and making way for the ultimate showdown of good vs. evil. Diving headfirst into the depths of human depravity, Plotdigger Films plans on turning the world of horror inside out and letting it all hang out to dry! "Hanger"... coming 2009.

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