Night of the Living Dead Musical Jersey Screening


Evan dropped us a line to let us know that Night Of the Living Dead The Musical will be hitting New Jersey Feb. 13th. Here are the details; The film is a musical comedy adaptation of the Romero classic, and will screen:    

  • Friday, February 13, 2009
    Time:   7:00pm - 9:00pm
    Location:   The Loft @ The Auction House
    Street: 100 West Merchant Street
    City/Town:  Audubon, NJ

 Its a new indie zombie / comedy / remake of Romeros classic work. As the hordes of the undead multiply on the outside, the tensions between the house’s living occupants mount, escalating to a dangerous and ultimately deadly climax. Now, those ghouls and those tensions will return in this fall’s NIGHT of the Living Dead: The Musical, and have brought with it a few new tricks. Trailer below.

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