Nostrum Comes to Toronto

A new feature horror film Nostrum will beging shooting this February. "Rocked by the gruesome death of one of their best friends, a group of teenaged heroin addicts barricade themselves in an abandoned farmhouse in order to kick the habit. Things get out of hand when the stash they brought with them for one last hoorah is more than they bargained for. One of them snaps and the rest fight to escape with their lives as they are hunted down, one-by-one."

Starring Megan Hutchings (The Smart Woman?s Survival Guide), Mike Webster (Ghostly Encounters), Kevin Walker (Cold Blood), and Aimee Feller (Urban Legends 2), Nostrum is planned to be filmed exclusively in and around the City of Toronto over twenty-two days.

Wright produces alongside Paul Franklin (Scanning Elizabeth), Louise Mackintosh (All That is Hidden), and Executive Producer Michael Baker (Young People F**king). CSC Associate member Michael Jari Davidson (Still Here) will lens the feature to be shot on HD and cut by Ron Wisman Jr. (Bitten).
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