Marcus Nispel Gets Conception


Marcus Nispel has revealed that the next project he would like to work on is not going to be a remake. He will next take a stab at a scifi thriller called Immaculate Conception. Shock gives us;

"There's a movie that I'm interested in. A great movie about cloning, it's called IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. A girl gets pregnant, doesn't know why. You think it goes like ROSEMARY’S BABY, but it's not a horror movie, though. You find out that she's part of an experiment. A splinter group of the church found a rusty old nail in the hills of Golgotha and they've harvested the DNA they believe is from Jesus Christ. It's like MARATHON MAN or COMA."

Sounds a little to familiar to far to many movies to get me that excited. But I do like Maruc Nispel's work and will probably give it a chance.

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