Brad Fuller talks The Birds Remake


This past weekeend we caught up with Brad Fuller who spilled the goods on the upcoming remake of the Birds and his progress on getting Casino Royale Director Martin Campbell on board; 

Well, we’ve been having meetings with Martin. We had a meeting with him last week. We are inching closer. He’s in post on his movie that he just directed so it’s taking a little bit longer because he’s in the middle of that. We’re getting closer on a script. I mean, that’s a huge movie. That’s like all of our movies put into one so it’s a big undertaking and that’s why it’s taking so long.

Quite some time ago in an interview over on MoviesOnline Naomi Watts talks about her upcoming role in The Birds remake. Here are some highlights. When asked about her role in the upcoming film she said quote;

It’s a work in progress, at this point. I think it’s a wonderful film. There’s great things in it that interest me. The script isn’t completely there yet. It probably won’t happen until next year.

In terms of the script and whether she had any input on it or had seen it she said;

Not yet. I’m sure they’ll come to me with the next draft, and then, yeah. I’ve seen one draft. It’s good, but there’s more to develop.

Lastly in reference to Tippi Hedren and if they had met;

I have met with her because she was in that film I did, ‘I Heart Huckabees.’ She had a little part in it, and David Russell introduced us. I was pretty fascinated by her then because people have often said we’re alike.

I think that if anyone can do this remake justice its Platinum Dunes but I am one of those people that have enjoyed their remakes for the most part. What are your thoughts on the remake of The Birds? Does that fact they are tapping a talented director and female lead get you interested in the film?

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