Daniel Myrick Plans For Savant


The Blair Witch Project helmer Daniel Myrick is planning his next film after The Objective. He described to SciFi Wire what his next project, Savant, will be like.

"Savant is about this guy named Jeremiah Stark who is incarcerated in this special facility," Myrick told the site. "He has this special ability to get inside people's heads and influence their behavior, thus turning the people into mass murderers, [by] doing nothing more than having a regular conversation."

It sounds like a spin off of Scanners. So far most of Myricks films have been mainly direct to DVD type of projects even The Blair Witch Project was a very small production. This time around he plans it will be much different, "It's going to be, for me, in budget and in scope, the biggest thing I've done so far," he said. "I hope to be shooting that in the spring."

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