Coming Soon - The Second Line

Here's an interesting tidbit I found, while looking up movie news.  It seems that Alana Curry (Terminator 3) recently told Moviehole that her next film could be a supernatural thriller, titled "The Second LIne".

 "It is along the lines of "The Sixth sense". It is about ghosts and a house with a ghostly story from the past that is uncovered".

The film will be directed by Eden Tyler, who is currently trying to round out the rest of the cast.  Now here is the interesting part.  If all goes well, "The Second Line" could look more like a "Halloween" reunion than a ghost story to movie fans.  The potential cast would include the following "Halloween" series veterans:

P.J. Soles - Lynda (Halloween)
Ellie Cornell - Rachel Carruthers (Halloween 4 and Halloween 5)
Brad Loree - The Shape (Halloween: Resurrection) 
Marianne Hagan - Kara Stode (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers)
Charles Cypher - Sheriff Leigh Brackett (Halloween and Halloween 2)

I will "totally" keep my eye out for any more information about "The Second Line".  This could make for an interesting film.

Source: Moviehole


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