New AvP Game On The Way

Back in 1999 Aliens vs Predator was released to critical acclaim on the PC, two years later its sequel was also extremely well received.  In the years since fans (myself included) have lobbed petitions and tried to find out any news of a third video game.  It seemed that the AVP franchise for games was kaput. 

IGNUK however got word that SEGA is in fact producing a third game!  Rebellion Devlopments (the team behind the 1999 original) is taking up the reigns from Monolith (who produced AVP2).  SEGA is keeping tight lipped about what systems the game will be for (though I think chances are good that PC, 360 and PS3 will get it) as well as the plotline for the game.  However, they are saying it's due out in early 2010.

Well, this is very good news for fans, at least for the Alien series.  Aliens Colonial Marines from Gearbox (Brothers in Arms) is apparently due latter this year and as of yet Untitled Aliens RPG from Obsidian (Knight of the Old Republic II) has yet to recieve a release date.  Sorry Pred fans, ya haven't really gotten the loving of video game companies yetl maybe there'll be a game sometime down the road if these new games do well.  Keep an eye here for more news, Aliens vs Predator 3 is currently slated for 2010 release.
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