Inglourious Basterds Teaser

World War 2 and Quentin Tarantino, two things that when uttered in the same sentence should instantly crop up images of overtly stylized violence, crazy action and some awesomely written dialogue.  Not only does the teaser for Tarantino's long talked about-now finally made and in post-production redux/homage of The Inglorious Bastards fully support that belief, but also reading its IMDB page hammers in a pair of notions in my head.  First, watch the trailer over at Yahoo! and get hyped up on Brad Pitt doing one hell of a pre-game pep talk to his boys.

The first notion in my noggin is that Tarantino's movie has probably one of the oddest collection of actors I've seen.  Tarantino has always surrounding himself with at times odd casting choices, but this one might take the cake.  We got Brad Pitt sure, then there's Diane Kruger, Eli Roth, B.J Novak, Til Schweiger, Cloris Leachman...but the thing that realy pushes it.  1. Samuel L. Jackson as narrator....and wait for it.  Mike "Austin Powers" a General.  Let that sink in. 

It might sound total odd casting, but once again Tarantino is good as ensemble cast handling.  The second notion in my noggin is that I desperately want to be working box office on opening weekend.  Why?  Well, picture a mother bringing her brood to see a movie before the school year starts up again; the reaction from said mother when the person in front of them says "Ticket for Inglourious Basterds" will be one simple word: EPIC. 

I can't hardly wait to see the look on some parent's face as the title of the movie, it will be...EPIC.  But, I will also be willing to wager that some parent's group will try to get the film either banned from theaters or get the title censored/changed to get rid of the Basterds section for the reason of: "protecting the kids".  Look sister, watching those cheap Sex Ed videos has probably done more damage to your kids in the long run than a title of a movie.

But, enough of my rambling.  The teaser trailer looks kick ass (and will apparently show in front of Friday the 13th) and I cannot hardly wait to see a full one.  The Inglourious Basterds will be unleashed on August 21, 2009.
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