Swamp Devil Comes to DVD


Swamp Devil the latest in the man eater series is coming to DVD April 7th and its big claim to fame is it stars Oscar Nominated Bruce Dern. The synopsis is as follows;

Melanie Blaime (Cindy Sampson) returns to her southern hometown to learn that her estranged father (Bruce Dern) is in hiding, accused of murder in the swamps. But when the real culprit emerges, an inhuman, killing mass of mud and vines, more surprises arise from the bog—those of a town healer, of a secret buried years ago, and of the true identity of the vengeful Swamp Devil.  

Swamp Devil was produced by Irene Litinsky and Ric Nish. David Winning directed from a script by Ethlie Ann Vare and Gary L. Dauberman. Michael Prupas, Robert Halmi, Sr. and Robert Halmi, Jr. were executive producers.

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