Barker Speaks Out on Pinhead Design


Today Clive Barker finally came out and spoke about the new Pinhead design that Gary Tunnicliffe had come up with for the new remake. When speaking with STYD about the upcoming DVD release of Midnight Meat Train the subject of the remake snuck its way in and here is what Barker had to say about the new design (Check it out here).

"The whole point about Pinhead is that he is geometrically severe. Very measured and the energy of the character comes out of the fact that you have surgical precision which is part of a much larger, sadistic, maybe masochistic, design. By turning the bloodless cuts or scarifications into bloody, irregular gashes removes the point of what made the character interesting in the first place."

He also mentioned that he is very fond of Martyrs director Pascal Laugier and believes he will be able to deliver a fantastic Hellraiser remake. We shall see. Still no word on who will be filling the role of Pinhead but as soon as we get the word on casting we will let you know. Keep it here for more.

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