Land of the Dead Extras: The phone number to Call!

So you want to be an extra in Land of the Dead? Well your in Luck Land of the Dead is shooting in Toronto from October 11th to December 7th 2004. You can call 416-633-2442 or fax 416-633-9440 to be an extra in Land of the Dead.

Set many years after 'Day of the Dead', society has returned to life in a new way. The zombies are rotting away into irrelevance & now disregarded much like the way homeless people are today, as the human survivors live in a fortified city, trying to live normal lives.

Protecting them is an enormous tank-like vehicle called the Dead Reckoning with the artillery and firepower of a small nation. This story shows what happens when the Dead Reckoning's reasonable leader, Riley, is framed for murder and loses control of his command.

Riley must try to take back control of this powerful vehicle, while at the same time battling his way through a city filled with zombies.

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