End of the Line DVD Update


Back in August Goon told you that End of the Line would be getting a fall release courtesy of Anchorbay. Well now from Fangoria comes an update on its US release. I loved End of the Line and encourage you all to check it out. It will release on DVD in the us May 5th with the following updates specs;

  • Audio commentary by writer/director Devereaux and composer Martin Gauthier
  • ”A Splatter of Faith” making-of documentary
  • Fantasia festival Q&A
  • Bonus Interview: The Most Asked Question
  • Deleted scene
  • ”A Message of Hope”
  • Gauthier’s complete score, accompanied by production stills

Awhile ago Director Maurice Devereaux dropped us a line to talk about the tough road of releasing the film, "It’s not hard to make a deal, tons of people want the movie, including many “big name distributors’ but it’s increasingly hard to get a GOOD deal, where you get a good “minimum guarantee” amount upfront and then actually get some “back end royalties” later. I’ve seen too many indy filmmakers who’ve never gotten a dime for all the work they did, so I’ve been extremely cautious. Luckily Rob Herholz of Anchor Bay was such a fan of the film, and was very patient with me, so after lengthy negotiations, he finally won me over”.

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