Death Walks the Streets #1 Comic Trailer


This past summer James Zahn finally made his wicked dreams come to life for all of us to see in comic book form with Issue #0. The Scream Factory published that first issue but now Fangoria Graphix is making a comeback and will re-issue it. James along with his writing partner Ben Brezinski will soon be releasing Issue #1 in March.

If you are headed to the Fango Weekend of Horror's be sure to hit them up at their booth. If you haven't already picked up issue #0 I highly suggest you do so now and then when Issue #1 comes out you will be up to speed. Below you can check out the synopsis for the next issue along with a new trailer for the comic.

It's Halloween in New Marshall, and for one night of the year, ancient evil takes flight and goes largely unnoticed. While Michael, Malcolm, and Danielle are called upon to oversee an event at the Vetala Theatre, the organization is thrown into an uproar as Dominick begins making local plans that could have global consequences.

Meanwhile, Palmer informs Michael of a potentially dangerous politcal issue; The Old Man begins a search for something that shouldn't be found; a supernatural murder/suicide takes place; and things get more than a little violent...

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