Kevin Williamson Doing New Scream Franchise?


It would seem that Kevin Williamson has been taped to write the upcoming Scream 4. Not only that but it seems that he will be writing three new movies for the Scream franchise effectively rebooting the entire film series. I really gotta ask why? Do we need to be remaking Scream? IMDB has Kevin listed as writing Scream 4 and according to DreadCentral he will be writing it and 2 other sequels in the trilogy according to the William Morris intranet.

Wes Craven is again talking about Scream 4 and saying he wants it but will only do it if he gets a payday deserving of his work on the past films. He reveals that he is in interested in doing it if it has a good script and of course... the money.

The implication seems to be that he wants to see more money for his past SCREAM films as part of his Scream 4 deal. As always check back for more as things progress and hopefully things are a bit more clear now on the Scream 4 front.

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