No Eclipse for Moon Director

A question that has probably been broiling in one or two people's brains is probably: "How are they going to be able to make the third book Eclipse into a movie when it's release is barely eight months from release of New Moon."

Well that question for some who might care shall be answered simply by EW: Eclipse will shoot while New Moon is in post-production.  And since Chris Weitz will be busy editing the second installment to the franchise Summit is apparently hunting for a new director to take the reigns.  According to EW, now I must stress this is rumor and not confirmed, but actress Drew Barrymore (who just made her first film Whip It!) is one of the folks talking with the company to get the gig.

All I really gotta say about this is this: Lionsgate, Summit puts you to shame with sequel turnarounds.  You take a full year, these guys take less.  And Lionsgate, while you push a newer Unrateder version of the latest sequel, Summit will probably to shovel out various collectors box sets of New Moon and Twilight with free tickets for Eclipse when summer hits.  Lionsgate, you really need to get your act together for Saw VI, don't let Twilight rob you of the title of "most needless DVD double-dips".

But, thats all I really gotta say on the subject.  We'll keep reporting, it'll be interesting as hell as this develops.  New Moon is due out November 20, 2009 and is directed by Christ Weitz (The Golden Compass) and Eclipse is slated for June 30, 2010 which will put it squarely in summer tentpole season.
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