Top Ten Evil Women of Horror

Wow.  Until I started trying to make this list, I never realized exactly how many badass bitches are out there.  These ladies give a whole new meaning to the term “chick flick.”  I had tons to choose from and narrow down which made this a particularly time consuming list to put together.  Not only was there an abundance of evil chicks to pick, but I had to do a lot of weighing and calculating to determine who is pure evil, mostly evil, and who has simply been driven over the edge.  Even then, the ferocity of their actions had to play a major part.  Hopefully this will help to explain why each received the placement they ended up with.  Okay so blah, blah here it is.  

Top Ten Bad Bitches

10.Felice from The Kiss (1988)- Joanna Pacula's portrayal of Felice in this film is  chill-inducing.  Plus she's kinda hot. She wants to pass on her family curse in a bad way and it can be hard for her niece, Amy to swallow.  Trust me though, this chick will stop at nothing and that includes being the cause of a few rather original death scenes.  This is one of those films I used to watch over and over again back in the day.

9.Camilla from The Guardian (1990)- William Friedkin popped in to direct this movie which I believe is under appreciated.  Of course the story bares a striking resemblance to many of its nature.   A couple has a baby, hires a nanny and all Hell breaks loose.  Perhaps I enjoy these movies so much because I was a nanny for many years...except I never killed anyone.  But what is different about this entry into the Caretakers Gone Wild subgenre is that Camilla is a Druid and she's got a nefarious plan.  Now while this is not an accurate depiction of the Druid life and some purists will be put off by this, Jenny Seagrove looks freakin hot in her plant costume and it is fun to watch her wield her power.

8.Mary Brady from Sleepwalkers (1992)- A lot of people give this flick crap but I have always enjoyed it.  I even quote from it all the time.  But what I love most is Alice Kriege.  She won't take anything from anyone and she is badass.  Anyone who can skewer someone's head with a corn cob gets my vote for being on this list.  Not only that but she throws giant men around like they are ragdolls...a power I often wish I had.  I do disapprove of the treatment of kitties in this film but it only makes her that much more mean so it works.  To be fair she is only trying to secure the continuation of her species, I know, but damn is she brutal about it.

7.Annie Wilkes from Misery (1990)- How could I even think of having this list without Kathy Bates' portrayal of the sicko nurse, Annie Wilkes?  I couldn't.  So here she is.  Now you may be wondering how it is that she is so far up the list.  Well it's like this.  Annie for the most part wasn't really evil.  She was just sick in the head.  Her heart was in the right place most of the time (except for that whole Angel of Death killer thing).  But I still put her here because when she was good, she was very, very good but when she was bad, she was horrid.  She was as strong as an ox and about as pissed off as a bull.  And when she swings that sledgehammer EVERYBODY winces at the crunch.  But she does love her Liberace.

6.Mrs. Voorhees from F13 (1980)-  Like I have to tell anyone who this lady is.  We all know her as the vengeful mother with a taste for teeny-bopper blood, preferably when it has been marinated in alcohol and pot.  Sure she was off her nut, what with the hearing the voice of her dead kid and all, but she was still pretty evil.  It takes a calculating mind to come up with some of the stuff that she pulled.  Not only that but she is strong and fast.  She pops up all over the campground like Whack-a-Mole and even wanders out to the road to give Steve a piece of her mind.  Keep your eye on this lady or it mind end up on the end of a stick.

5.Peyton from The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992)-  Has anyone else noticed a trend here with late eighties, mostly early nineties films?  Yeah I thought so.  This was the era of the fatal female.  We look good and we take you OUT.  And Rebecca DeMornay is no exception in this classic example of a Caretaker Gone Wild.  Now, to be fair to her, she did just lose her rapist husband to suicide, her house, her money and her baby.  Anyone would be kinda ticked after that.  But her brand of vengeance is just plain mean.  She moves into a house as the nanny and plans to reclaim everything she lost by replacing the current mother any way she can.  Along the way she snuffs Julianne Moore and is really, really nasty to poor Ernie Hudson as the mentally challenged handyman.  That always pisses me off.  But she gets hers and it is fun to watch.  I always have to rewind and rewatch the punch that Sciorra delivers that lands Peyton across the dinner table. Nice.

4.Asami from Audition (1999)-  So sweet, such a delicate little flower, such a mean little bitch who hums and sings while she cuts off limbs with piano wire.  There are so many things about this film that make me cringe.  Dude in the bag, dude out of the bag, dude with the bowl of ...blecch.  And then when we get to see her gleefully go to work with  needles and wire I am squirming the whole time.  But this just goes to show that if you claim to make a fake movie so you can hold fake auditions so you can meet a young girl to date...well that just isn't a good idea, okay? If you find yourself as a widower and you contemplate using your status to trick girls into meeting you, watch this movie this log onto eharmony pronto!

3.La Femme from A l'interieur (2007)-  Known simply as The Woman, Beatrice Dalle explodes onto the screen in this French film and covers the whole place with gore.  Again, she is a woman on a mission but her level of extremes is so far over the line that there has to be some evil in there somewhere.  I love this film so much for its inventive splatter effects, unflinching death blows and balls-to-the-wall gore.  A mostly white home is painted red with the skillful hands of a murderess who seems a little too good at what she's doing.  But it never fails to be entertaining, if you can take it.  Some cannot and I understand but I say bring it on.  This is the kind of horror I expect from film makers these days.  Don't hold back.  Give me angry.

2.Baby Jane from Whatever Happened to....(1962)-  Wow.  You wanna see some onscreen hatred?  Bette Davis hands it to Joan Crawford on a silver platter (literally) as Baby Jane.  If you are unfamiliar with the story, Jane was a child star about a hundred and fifty years ago.  When her sister, Blanche grew up and blossomed, she became a bigger star.  Since then there has been a bit of rivalry going on.  When a mysterious accident causes Blanche to be an invalid, forcing her into retirement, Jane becomes the caretaker of her sister but the bitter rivalry rages on.  Blanche soon becomes a captive in her own home forced to put up with whatever whim crosses Jane's sick little mind.  If you are aware of the Hollywood gossip, then you know there was a supposed feud between Crawford and Davis during this film.  Accounts from both women have said that is not true, although it is well known that they harbored strong dislikes for one another and would often sling catty comments.  Knowing that just makes it more fun to watch.

1.Baby Firefly from The Devil's Rejects (2005)-  Sheri Moon Zombie may be a hot little number but Baby Firefly is the most evil, cold-hearted woman in film.  There are a lot of meanies out there, but few will cackle maniacally and deliver torture so sweetly and deliberately as Baby.  She's got the face of an angel but the attitude of a seasoned serial killer. Apparently it runs in the family.  The epitome of Pretty Poison, Baby never holds back nor feels remorse.  She is evil through and through.  And the beauty of it all?  You feel sad when Wydell gets the upper hand. How many times have you been  on the side of the killer in a horror movie (not referring to when they are pursuing the annoying characters)?  But Baby and the rest of the clan bring you into the fold.  She is brutal.  She is cruel. She is cold.  And she is cute as a button.

Honorable Mentions:

These are the chicks who didn't make the cut for one reason or another but I am compelled to include them somehow.  

Serial Mom – Not really evil, just a little touched in the head.  She's sweet as pie as long as you live right.

Play Misty for Me – Off her rocker.  The original Fatal Attraction.  This flick gave Clint Eastwood a run for his money and the men of the world a reason to be careful where they stick it. Truly terrifying, I recommend it if you aren't familiar.

Fatal Attraction – You know what they say about a woman scorned.  Yep.  Don't try this at home.  But again, she's not evil.  She's just in a bad way. 

The Howling 2 – Sybill Danning jut looks hot when she flashes her boobs about forty times in the ending credits.  Had to give her a shout out for that.  

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