Wild Country - New Werewolf Movie

I'm always game for a new Werewolf movie, with my favorites being "An American Werewolf in London" and "Dog Soldiers".  So its easy to get excited when you run across a new one being filmed.

"Wild Country" is currently shooting in Scotland under the guidance of writer/director Craig Strachan, who previously film was a comedy titled "Hidden".  Here's a bit a news from a set visit report:

  "Just got back from sunny—really!—Glasgow visiting Wild Country, which could be good. It stars Martin Compston, who was in Ken Loach’s "Sweet Sixteen" and is a big soap hearththrob here, Peter (Lair of the White Worm) Capaldi and newcomer Samantha Shields. In fact, they’re pitching it as ‘Ken Loach goes horror,’ because it starts off as social realism with Shields giving birth at the beginning, giving the baby up for adoption and going on a school hike to forget. The story moves into horror when everyone gets menaced by the Shadow Beast. Bob Keen is doing the effects, and the werewolf looks like a more refined version of his Dog Soldiers creations. The filmmakers are making Wild Country very bloody."  —Tony Timpone

Source:  Fangoria


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