Outlander DVD Specs

For those who missed the Viking vs Alien movie Outlander in theaters, don't fret because the film is hitting DVD.  IGN go their hands on the special features for the upcoming disc.  Considering the amount of time the film spent in release date hell before getting dumped into barely a hundred theaters, its better than nothing:

  • Commentary by Writer/Director Howard McCain, Writer Dirk Blackman, Producers Chris Roberts & John Schimmel
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Visual Effects Test
  • Animatics
  • Production Design Galleries

I'm at least happy for a commentary, a DVD always seems to miss something when a commentary isn't present.  It's usally more indepth than the featurettes, which sadly and admittedly, a lot of the time are fluff.  I personally enjoyed Outlander, it was the fresh kind of storytelling that needs all the support it can get when it arrives in theaters.  Outlander will be released on May 19, 2009 and will go for $19.99, no word if a Blu-Ray will be released.
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