Jonathan Lewis' Darkness Of The Night


Black Devil Doll has been a film we have been covering extensively on the site. When I had a chance to meet up with Jonathan Lewis I spoke to him about upcoming projects and other things he was working on. Of everything we talked about I don't remember him ever mentioning Darkness Of The Night. This film was actually banged out during the post production work that was being done on Black Devil Doll.

Today I was passed along the synopsis and trailer for the film which you can check out below. The film stars actress/model/professional wrestler Shelly Martinez. Be sure to keep it here for more:

A young woman drinking herself to death, A fiance missing for days, A man in a brown suit being followed, A corrupt relationship of confused love, and violent murders all play into this darkness of which we call the night; Darkness of the Night aka Nerezza Della Notte.

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