Priest Release Date Announced


Scott Charles Stewart, who co-founded the special effects house the Orphanage, will direct Priest, a western horror by Screen Gems.  This project was shelved a couple of years ago, and had names like Gerard Butler and Steven Strait attached to it, along with director Andrew Douglas, but unfortunately, it fell apart. Today they finally set the release date for the film for August 13th, 2010.

Cory Goodman, who penned "The Brood", wrote the script for Priest, based on a TokyoPop comic book.  The story is set in a world of war between men and vampires that has been going on for centuries.  A Warrior Priest turns his back on the church, goes rogue and tracks down a bunch of vampires that killed his niece.

It's good news to have a special effects expert take the helm on this project, since it is an animated movie.  No replacement has been set for Gerard Butler yet, but keep watching here for more updates!



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