Prisoners Claims Wahlberg


A new writer is in town and apparently he is bringing a hot script with him. According to THR, Aaron Guzikowski flew out to LA just two weeks ago and already has Hollywood clamoring. The big news in all of this is that Mark Wahlberg has already been attached to the project.

So what is this whole script about? The story concerns a Boston family-man whose 6-year-old daughter and her best friend are kidnapped and then takes matters into his own hands by in turn kidnapping the man he suspects responsible. I don't think playing a Boston family man will be that much of a stretch for Wahlberg.

While studios are in a bidding war over the script they really want to get a director attached. Right now the good thing is that it is being compared to films like Se7en and The Silence of the Lambs. Two huge and widely popular films which at their very core are really horror films that Hollywood deems thrillers so it doesn't get the "negative" conotation. Stay tuned for more.

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