Gordon Talks Re-Animator 3D Remake


A couple days ago we reported on at the time what seemed like a new development on a remake of Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator. With all the popularity of 3D now the idea had been to remake the film with 3D effects. This news came from a small bio that was posted for Producer Ray Haboush.

Today however STYD has learned from Stuart Gordon that things may not be coming together like everyone had thought, "I contacted Brian and he didn't know anything about it. I said, 'What's going with the remake?' And he asked, what remake?"

So for now Re-Animator fans can rest easy about a remake. Now all you have to worry about is this new Re-Animator tv show. I guess you can just hope that the pilot goes horribly wrong and the idea is completely tossed out the window. Be sure to also checkout our Complete List of Upcoming Horror Remakes editorial we posted earlier. Its a massive list!

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