Outworld Entertainment Prepares Dark Passages


Dark Passages, a feature length horror film by OutWorld Entertainment, is currently under production. Helmed by awardwinning director Cesar Cruz, who also wrote the film, Dark Passages explores death in all its forms. The film, slated to begin shooting in 2009 features an original musical score from electro-industrial pioneer Leaether Strip. Dark Passages is produced by multiple award-winning, OutWorld Entertainment and Cesar Cruz, who has written, directed and produced over 12 indie film projects in the last ten years. Four of these projects garnered Accolade Competition awards, setting the stage for this feature project.

With a budget of $80,000, Dark Passages marks their first feature-length endeavor. A dark, aggressive, emotional and in many cases, violent journey, the film is comprised of three stories held together by the dark and mysterious storyteller, Lilith. Through this perspective, the film’s overall theme of death is explored through a visually intense and Gothic Fantasy style. Dark Passages looks at all aspects of death — in all its forms— from the emotional to the physical, centered on the reality of losing oneself in anger and pain. “The film's script is smart and very serious,” said director Cesar Cruz.

“It was my goal to not make something campy, but a very strong thriller complete with Horror and Gothic Fantasy, combining the two genres I love.” Visually, Dark Passages is in the style of Asian and European horror rather than the American slasher approach. However, there are elements of the classic slasher mixed in as well as the newly-modeled "torture" genre. The film will introduce iconic characters that have distinguished horror images within their persona, but at the same time are unique and unexpected.

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