George Romero Sets Record Straight on Crazies


George A Romero on the Remake of the CraziesAny of you who were out at the Fangoria Weekend this past weekend, might have seen George A. Romero as one of the featured guests there.  He treated the fans well with a taste of his upcoming '...of the Dead' and answered a bunch of fan questions.  One question that came up was his involvement in the upcoming remake of 'The Crazies' which was reported by DC.

“I just actually read the script for the first time this weekend while I was here," answered Romero.  "I was never involved with anything in creating the remake, and I have no involvement with the new version of The Crazies at all. I know they have me listed as one of the Executive Producers on the project, and honestly, I am not sure why.”

He went on to add,

“What I will say is that based on what I read, there are some really interesting things going on in the movie. I don’t know what their budget is or what the production value will be, but I think The Crazies has a decent shot of being a good movie."

Well if George can vouch for the movie, then it should be alright in my books.  Crazies is set for a September 25, 2009 release date.

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