Independent Movie - Daddy Cool

Winner of the 2004 Eerie Horror Film Festivals "Best Feature" award, Daddy Cool looks to be one unique film.  Directed by Brady Lewis,  “Daddy Cool” pays homage to schlocky ‘50s horror movies like “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” and “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”, the obvious Universal classic “The Wolf Man” (right down to a fortune teller aping Maria Ouspenskaya as she recites the classic poem from the film), ‘40s noir films, Cocteau’s “Beauty And The Beast”, and Mr. Wizard. But “Daddy Cool” itself is not exactly a horror movie. For one thing, it’s very funny."

Roxanne's television lets her see into the past and the future. She wants to kill her evil mad-scientist-turned-televangelist father. She started life as a boy but, through force of will, became a woman. Roxanne and her psychologist, Dr. Talbot, both live with a special duality.  Dr. Talbot became a werewolf as a foolish teenager and committed most of the usual werewolf horrors when he was young. He's learned to control his urges, mostly. Reverend Alter, Roxanne's father, is a televangelist on a seedy cable-TV station. Earlier he'd been a network television scientist, the host of a kids' program, but he was fired for soliciting donations from his young viewers. He turns out to be a dangerous mad scientist. Visions from Roxanne's special television fuel her hatred of her wicked father. Upon discovering that Reverend Alter has saved the head of her long-lost twin sister and kept it alive in a bottle, Roxanne turns to Dr. Talbot. It's a bleak prognosis for her dad.

You have to love Independent films and their "non-mainstream" approach to filmmaking.  Being a fan of the "scklocky '50s horror movies" this movie would easily make it into my dvd rotation.

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