One Sheet for Dark Mirror


This movie's been around for awhile now, the first screenings happened way back in July 2007, according to the official site blog.  Just last week, they finally released the official one-sheet poster for the movie 'Dark Mirror' which you can check out below.  It's actually really cool for having been designed by a director and not a full fledge design firm or anything.

'Dark Mirror' is about a photographer moves her family into a strange old house, where she discovers an alternate reality reflected in the glass... A dark reality that is closing in on her. 

There's no real update about any type of theater or DVD release for this yet, but according to the official site, they have been picked up by IFC.  IFC will be broadcasting the movie as part of its digitally-distributed midnight series.  More to follow if and when they announce any dates for anything!

 Dark Mirror - movie poster

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