Mister Serial Killer Invades the Internet


Mr. Serial KillerSomehow on my internet walkabout today, I stumbled across an interesting little site.  Mister Serial Killer is an internet Webisode site created by Steven Cerritos.  The concept is to take those cartoony Mr. and Little Miss Series and add a horror element to them (like Mr. Happy or Little Miss Bossy).  The official site has launched, but at the moment there isn't much substance besides a quick overview, but it does also have the first episode for us all to check out! 

Cerritos describes the Mr. Serial Killer series of webisodes as a "disturbing and psychotic web series featuring a group of serial killers, each with different variations of psychological complexities/disorder and perversions. Typical webisodes( the equivalent to television’s episode) will begin with cartoonlike storybook sequences, followed by live action."  He goes on to tell us that it's catering to the 18-34 year old demographic and is about serial killers - "hence the graphic violence, dark, perverse humor and bizarre characters."

You can catch the official site and first webisode here.  The first one is about 20 minutes long, but Cerritos promises the following webisodes will be between 5 and 10 minutes.


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