Cold Prey 2 Coming to DVD


Cold Prey 2 is getting set for a UK release. I really enjoyed the first film alot. Cold Prey 2 hits DVD April 27th. Picking up the story immediately following the events and chilling finale of the first film, COLD PREY 2 ups the ante and piles on the shocks even more impressively and powerfully than its prequel.

A lone survivor from the previous night's slayings is discovered covered with blood and carrying a pickaxe while wandering a desolate, snow-covered mountain road and is taken to a nearby hospital for observation and treatment. As the authorities head into the mountains to investigate the survivor's story, the hospital staff members and their patients quickly learn the shocking truth for themselves as the institution's wards and corridors become the new hunting ground for an unexpected killer.

COLD PREY 2 director Mats Stenberg seamlessly continues the story – both narratively and stylistically – set up by Roar Uthaug in COLD PREY to the point where the two productions actually play as one two-part movie.

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