Upcoming 3D Horror Movies


SAW, Dawn of the Dead, Reanimator and more are getting not just redone... but in 3-D. I already did a complete list of upcoming horror remakes and now I figured I would work on a complete list of upcoming 3-D movies. So without to much hoopla here is my list of Upcoming 3D Horror Movies.

SAW 3-D: When you run out of ideas you used to go into space with your characters. Twisted Pictures is considering doing SAW VI in 3-D instead. I am a big fan of the SAW franchise but I really do not see how 3-D is going to work. The producers haven't decided if they will do Saw VI in 3D or do a seventh movie.  But, I should stress, the producers are just mulling over the idea of a 3D movie, nothing has been made official.

Re-Animator 3-D: Producer Ray Haboush and Producer Brian Yuzna (who also produced the original as well the two sequels and directed them as well) will be developing a 3-D version of Re-Animator. Its too early to see if Combs will return or if they'll find another West.  Unlike a SAW movie in 3-D Re-Animator might actually work because of the nature of the movie.

PuppetMaster 3-D: Charles Band is working on bringing Puppet Master into 3-D and this one doesnt surprise me at all. Charles Band is well known for following trends and capitalizing them and his films definitely would be campy and fun in 3-D. The problem I see for PuppetMaster is getting the money to do it in 3-D. It cant be cheap to do a low budget 3-D movie.

The Eye 3-D: The Pang Brothers are going to be directing a new film titled The Childs Eye in 3D which is basically The Eye 3. The only other information we have on the project is that it will star Elanne Kwong and Rainie Young. Asian Horror in 3-D... betcha all that violence coming off the screen in 3-D will be very disturbing.

Piranha 3-D: Piranha is a classic movie about little killer fish that make lunch of people. Over the top gore master Alexander Aja is slated to write/direct/produce this remake which he says is more  of a retelling and will be done in 3-D. This may work since the idea of small fish swarming off the screen snapping at my face creeps me out.

Dawn of the Dead 3-D: No we are not talking about Zach Snyders remake. We are talking about the Romero classic. Producer Richard Rubinstein is redoing the film in 3-D with the help of In-Three Inc of Aguoura Hill California. They plan the release the film in 'true 3-d'. Little side note they are also working on a direct sequel to Romero's Dawn of the Dead.

The Gate 3-D: This one we have little on other then we are told its happening. The synopsis of the first one is as follows; Two teenagers come across a special rock with a beautiful crystalline center in their backyard. The rock enthralls them and they dig up the family's lawn in a search for more of the precious stones.The removal of an old tree in Glen's backyard reveals a large and mysterious hole, a gateway to somewhere dangerous. It's a hidden underground chamber that holds the secret of centuries and the vengeance of eternity. Left alone for three days, brother and sister must contend with the creatures that rise up from "The Gate".

Final Destination 3-D: This one is actually coming pretty quick. The 4th film in the film franchise is being done in 3-D and once again I think this is a great film for 3-D. The script is done by FD2 co-writer Eric Bress. The film will also open up against Rob Zombies Halloween sequel ( to his remake ).

Thats about all I have at this point. Looking forward to any of these? Did I miss any worth noting? Leave feedback in ye comments!

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