Day of the Dead Contagium: Closing Up!

Day of the Dead Contagium has seen its last days and the site is closing down. I am sure at this moment many of you are jumping up and down with glee. The webmaster of the site emailed me this morning and this is his entire email.

This is not a joke, nor a request for fanfare, I no longer wish to take part in the promotion of the site. I've given Jim and Ana the opportunity to purchase the site and related domains, but it appears that they are not interested in doing so or continuing the site, so as of the 22nd of this month the site will close down for good.

I appreciate all the suport for my efforts and I'll see you again on the web. I find every user thats visited as a major asset and a credit to the fan community , kudos to you all!!

 If you're REALLY bothered by this announcement I urge you to  post to me one last time on a thread I will set up in the Main forum, and if enuff of you request it I will set up an email form page you can send your complaints to Taurus to keep the site open, though I will still not be a participant in its development nor its promotion.  I on a personal level can no longer promote this film. Thanks for everyones input its been a trip.

So lets see, the studio could care less about the official site, directors dont answer emails(we have tried getting ahold of them) and now the one guy that was actively promoting the film is gone. What do you think? Dead in the water? Here is what I think. I think that the big studio deal for a Day of the Dead Remake with Universal could be more then just rumor, and perhaps things are being packed up so that this movie can just sort of "go away" and the UNIVERSAL big budget version can begin. Read the Original News item here Universal Day of the Dead Remake

I dont know, its just speculation on my part. But it is not normal for a studio to wash its hands of all its fans, and its official site and just cut bait and walk away. What are your thoughts? Head to the boards and share your 5cents.

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