Re-Animator Remake Update


Re-Animator gets a RebootProducers Brian Yuzna (the original Re-Animator) and Ray Haboush (The Last House of the Left) have confirmed in an exclusive interview to the spanish magazine 'Fotogramas' that they are going ahead with the remake of Re-Animator.  The remake will be shot entirely in Spain and will start as early as next summer!

Yuzna also confirms that this is not a new chapter in the Re-Animator saga, but a remake of the first one which follows a dedicated medical student and his gf who get involved in some crazy experiments (no not those kind, medical ones!) involving reanimating dead tissue.  When one day an odd new student arrives on campus and things really start to "get moving".

Jeffrey Coombs, who played the lead in the original, will have a small part in the remake according to Yuzna, however he won't be reprising his role as Doctor Herbert West.  Instead it will go to Ezra Godden, who has done some tv mainly but also starred in Daggon.  Co-starring as his gf / fiancee will be none other than Canadian Cutie Elisha Cuthbert!  No word on the rest of the cast at this time though.

Ezra Godden

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