Chan-wook's Thirst Trailer Is Here


Today the trailer for Park Chan-wook's Thirst has hit the web. I'm not quite sure what to think of the film yet but you can tell it won't be the typical vampire fare. Below you can check out the new trailer which appears to be heavily focused on the "relationship" part of the film and not much about the vampire elements. The plot is as follows;

Thirst follows Sang-hyun, a saddened priest who is obsessed with the unhappiness in society. In hopes of saving at least one life, he participates in an experiment to find a vaccine for the deadly F.I.V. virus in Africa. Of course, the experiment goes horribly wrong and the priest is infected - but he recovers completely and his church is elated with his new healing abilities. The feeling doesn't last, though, and he relapses and awakens with a thirst for blood and a fear of the sun. If he doesn't drink blood, the F.I.V. symptoms come rushing back, so he steals blood transfusions and lives the life of a vampire. Sang-hyun tries to live a life free from sin but a failed suicide attempt and forbidden attraction to his friends wife lead this new vampire priest down the road plotting murder.

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