Leprechaun Comic Book Art


I am a huge fan of comics and when you can throw some horror in the mix I'm over joyed. But when I saw this cover.. I have to admit I think I threw up a little. I'm not sure what the folks over at Lionsgate were thinking giving the rights over to Bluewater Productions but even the concept seems shaky. The first issue is scheduled to ship on May 27th. Check out the details and cover below..

Based on the cult film from Lionsgate! This is the tale of Lubdan, the king and sole survivor of the Leprechauns. A treasure dealer stumbles across his pot of gold and steals it. In this modern age, he finds buyers all over the planet through on-line auctions.

Lubdan finds the thief after the gold is shipped to humans across the globe. Lubdan's quest takes him all over the planet, across time and space. Battling greed, the genocidal Cluracan and new mystical adversaries, Lubdan must save all life to save himself - but not without taking lives!

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