Linda Hamilton Confirmed for Terminator


Linda Hamilton Confirmed for Terminator SalvationAbout a month ago, meh reported to you that McG and Linda Hamilton were still working out the details on her role in Terminator Salvation.  Well today the role has been confirmed by sources at CHUD.  Apparently, she's even finished her work in the new Terminator movie.

Hamilton has done voice-over work for the fourth installment of the post-apolyptic classic.  Apparently it's not very long, and comes at the beginning of the movie.  Something similar to what she did with T2. 

That's exactly what a fan of the series could ask for, her voice-over work in T2 was a great tone and presence to start off the movie, and I'm sure it will be the same for Salvation.  So go tell your friends, Linda Hamilton is IN for Terminator Salvation!!

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