Xombie Dead on Arrival DVD Specs


We have the specs for James Farr's Xombie Dead on Arrival which is coming to DVD March 31st. Goon and I are both fans of James work and at one time he was a regular reader of this site. So we are big believers in supporting him. Worth noting he may still be a regular reader :) WE never asked. The specs are as follows;

  • A newly edited feature-version of "XOMBIE: DEAD ON ARRIVAL" collecting the series into one self-contained movie remastered in high resolution with new music,
  • The original short-form edits of the "XOMBIE: DEAD ON ARRIVAL" webisodes,
  • "Bringing Xombie To Life" documentary featurette which details James Farr's creative process from his original inspiration through his technical process for creating the animations,
  • episode-by-episode commentaries by writer/director James Farr,
  • exclusive, digital version of the rare, out-of-print XOMBIE illustrated novel in a high-resolution 161 page PDF.
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