Fresh Meat: Kaci, SpooksModel Contestant


Time for a new Fresh Meat Vixen and this go around its a member of our community who is in the running for the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors Spooksmodel for 2010. We will let her introduce herself, here is what she has to say;

I am a hopeful for Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors Spooksmodel 2010 Contest. The voting goes up tomorrow. I'm really hoping that I will get enough votes to make it to the Finals round, when I attend Weekend of Horrors Los Angeles in April. I am a true fan of the horror genre, and I sincerely believe that I am appropriate for the role of Fangoria's Spooksmodel.

I really would appreciate all the support I could get from my fellow Horror forum friends.  I don't really like that I'm making an entire thread regarding this, but being that I've made quite a few friends on this forum, I was hoping that I could look to some of you guys for some support.

I don't have the direct link to the voting yet, but, I'm sure it will be listed on the Fangoria website tomorrow.

I'm not a model, so I hired a friend of mine to take my photo entries for the contest. I'll post them here so you will know which one I am, if you do decide to help me out and vote for me. Thanks, in advance, to those who vote for me. It is greatly appreciated!

I wanted to go and cast my vote for Kaci but it seems that voting is still not open but the second it is we will let you know. In the meantime below are some entry photos of Kaci. Be sure to get out and vote for her and support a member of our community and the horror genre! Kaci also started the Central Valley Horror Club which you can checkout here

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