The Lost Boys 3 Reunites The Frog Bros


After all the hype that came before The Lost Boys 2 for most fans it seemed to have fallen just a bit short of expectations. But of course that didn't stop the film from making Warner Premiere a pretty penny from DVD sales. When something like this happens they always want to make more so it was inevitable that Lost Boys 3 would be on the way.

B-D and Moviehole have uncovered that Evan Charnov will be writing the new script. Corey Feldman will be back once again and will not only reprise his role but will also executive producer. The big news here though is that Jamison Newlander is said to be making a return as well. This would mean an official reunion of the Frog Brothers.

I never actually watched The Lost Boys: The Tribe so I have no feeling about whether another sequel is a good idea. What do those of you who have seen the film think of a sequel? Let us know on the forums and be sure to keep it here for more on this film.

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