Martyrs Director Talks Hellraiser Remake


It seems like the only kind of news we really post about every single day anymore is a remake. Today some details surrounding the Hellraiser remake, which is being directed by Martyrs helmer Pascal Laugier, have surfaced. Laugier spoke with Fangoria about the status of the remake.

I’m now working on it with a co-writer I cannot name. We do not want to remake the original movie, as that would be a pointless exercise, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable  messing with what is essentially a solid horror/fantasy. So we’re trying to respect Clive Barker’s original material while bringing totally fresh angles to it. Even if some characters are being brought back, like Frank and Julia, it is our intention to place them on new and different thematic levels. It’s taking a while to come together, because all involved want to get it absolutely right. I do have the respect of the Weinsteins, so let’s see where it takes me.”

I'm relieved to see that he is going to take this story in a new direction. Usually when directors take the basic elements and remake a film they turn out much better than those who basically just do a shot for shot story. So I still am hanging on and hoping that Laugier's take will be a good one. Don't forget that Martyrs will be hitting DVD on April 28th from Dimension Extreme.

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