Wrong Subtitles Are Let In

Let The Right One In in my mind is the best horror film of last year, no doubt about it.  And its one of the best vampire films made, period.  However, there is a slight problem with those of you who didn't get to see this marvelous gem in the theaters and who had to wait for the DVD to come out.  The problem, the subtitles are wrong.

With translating a language into English (at times admittedly an overly complex language) some things are lost or altered slightly, but not to the extreme of LTROI DVD. 

Take a look over at IconsOfFright, who revealed this massive cock-up and added screen grabs of the original translations vs the DVD.  The changes are night and freaking day.

I personally always go for subtitles, with dub you always lose a part of the magic or mood with the film.  Even if the dubbing is well done and lined up near match perfect, the rhythm and magic is lost.  Then again I know some people who absolutely hate subtitles and think every film released stateside should be dubbed, be damned the magic. 

Here, magic is lost in the subtitles.  I am so glad I've yet to buy the DVD, hopefully whenever the disc gets released in the UK or Australia the subtitles will be proper.  I'll wait to then.  I cannot fathom why the subtitles would be changed, I mean if they received the reels to make into a digital format for DVD, the subtitles hopefully woulda already been on the celluloid or at the very least they could have cut and paste them. 

Megaprops to the folks at Icons who pointed this out, megaprops to them. 
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