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The Birds remake?!The top movie of this past weekend was the sci-fi thriller 'Knowing', and that's sitting nicely with two of the writers, married couple Stiles White and Juliet Snowden.  They actually upgraded the knowing plot from being about assasinations to including all disasters.  The pair sat down with thewrap to chew the fat about their next projects, remaking Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds' AND also updating Spielberg's beloved 'Poltergeist'. 

Oh no.  They're gonna try remaking two classics like 'The Birds' and 'Poltergeist'!!  Don't tell me this is true.  Well before we all get bent out of shape, let's listen to the writers talk about their visions here.

“Those are classics," White says in defence to the fans concern over remaking these classics, "those are beloved movies that go beyond just a good film.  People really embrace those as part of their lives, the power they were at the moment, what was going on in their lives when they saw that movie.  You know, it’s like riffing to a Beatles record: it’s more than just a record -- it’s fused into your life.”

Snowden goes on the to talk about why she feels it's a good idea to remake 'The Birds'.

“We actually do get offered a lot of remakes that we do pass on,” Snowden chimes in. “With something like “The Birds,” you can take the concept of birds gone crazy and put that onto a myriad of situations.  Whereas with some other remakes, we really felt that those were movies that we really couldn’t think of new scenes or ideas.  Some of these remakes are already-perfect movies. We’re not saying “The Birds” isn’t a perfect movie -- but when we heard about that we had, instantly, a lot of ideas about what we could do [in the present] and how we would change it."

Her husband continued, “It was presented to us as they wanted to go back to the original source material because you just don’t want to attempt to remake a Hitchcock film.  But the original novella, by Daphne du Maurier, had a lot of interesting source material. Alfred Hitchcock used it as his jumping-off point and told a story that was somewhat different from the novella."

Poltergeist remake by Knowing Writing DuoOk, so they've got lots of ideas for the birds after re-reading the novella by Daphne du Maurier.  This is kinda following the same way 'The Thing' remake is going by going back to the source for inspiration for a remake.  'Poltergeist' on the other hand isn't as wide open of a story as 'the Birds', it's really just one family in one house.  How do you redo that in an original manner?

”Poltergeist” was a seminal film for us, you know, in our lives, and it’s like your dad’s classic vintage car that’s been in the garage and you’re not allowed to touch it,” says White.  “It’s treasured; it’s valuable.  We see “Poltergeist” as if, um, as if we’re being handed the keys to the car and we’re gonna be really careful with it.”

The couple are being much more secretive about their remake of 'Poltergeist' only telling that the original story was a snapshot of the american family in 1982, so it could definitely use updating to show a modern day family and what they are up to these days. For a complete rundown of upcoming horror remakes read mehs: Complete List of Upcoming Horror Remakes

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