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Jason has traded in his sack and machete and went "Bloody Social" on us.  Warrington Gillette, who played Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2 has created a new horror/thriller based on a true story revolving around the sudden death of his father, a long time member of Palm Beach's high society and "Old Guard" who died on May 13th, 2003. 

Here's the films description:

Mr. Gillette Jr, was married to a southern steel heiress for over 30 years who have taken up with a new Cuban paramour, 26 years her junior.  An expensive, embarrassing divorce was looming.  Protecting her fortune, the heiress, Warrington's evil stepmother arranged a "last supper" at their seaside manson, with her husband and a priest from Miami.  Warrington Jr. dropped dead immediately following lunch, his wife called 911 at 6:30 pm after rigormortis set in.  The medical examiner and DA all looked the other way.  Not even a blood test was allowed.

The evil stepmother got ice in her veins, giving "cold blooded" a whole new meaning.  No sooner as the coffin, containing the dead Warrington Jr. lowered into the ground, the body still warm, the two lovers embarked on a three month Mediterranean cruise together.  Palm Beach didnt even care.  Upon their return he moved into the mansion.  Party invitations were send out to the town celebrating the new couple.  Her behavior was so abominable and criminal to the surviving family, the namesake son launched an investigation into the death and uncovered startling information that drove him over the edge.  She fixed his will, so everything went to her.  She even got his name off the title of the house. The son couldnt accept "Daddy's Dead".  No one would listen to his cries, not even one friend.  The followed the smell of money, her smell.  No one knew the son anymore.

The evil stepmother never realized she caused a bloody mission of revenge.  She thought she owned Palm Beach, the clubs, and the "Old Guard".  She was bloody wrong and would soon learn a deadly lesson.  The town was unaware of the gruesome fate that awaits them.

The fans of Jason, from Friday the 13th, set about their frightful revenge as they worship him and would kill for him.  They are obsessed and offended.  With each new victim the terror mounts and the fans vengeance spins out of control, threatening everyone in their path.

Mysteriously a series of terrifying, brutal murders occur leaving a bloody trail in Palm Beach, the island of the super rich, the Golden Coast for the privileged, the land of the anti-semetic and racist, has fast become "Bloody Social".

Now that's what I call "dedicated fans".  Target release date:  Halloween 2005.

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