Stanley's Hardware Hits DVD

Over the years, we've talked about DVD releases in the context of the North American release.  Well, this tidbit I found very cool and thought I should share.  Though, this one is more for the members who live in the United Kingdom and those own a Code/Region Free DVD player. has DVD pre-orders set for South African director Richard Stanley's 1990 debut: Hardware.  Set in a post-apocalyptic nuclear world, a man finds a robotic skull in the wasteland.  Brought back to what remains of civilization, the skull reboots and begins to rebuild it's body.  The tenants of the housing complex quickly learn that the skull belonged to a Mark 13, a discontinued military cyborg, and the Mark 13 is resuming it's kill. 

Hardware is one of those movies I've personally be interested in seeing for a while.  Especially after seeing Stanley's followup Dust Devil.  Stanley would later be attached (though fired several days into shooting) on the 1996 version of The Island of Doctor Moreau.  In recent years he has done several documentaries, which were included on the Dust Devil Collectors Set that came out several years ago.  Stanley is currently working on a film called Vacation.

Hardware is being released by Optinum Home Entertainment (who has done some stellar DVDs for other genre films), though there is no word at the moment if the film will be presented in an Uncut or R rated form.  Special features are also unavailable at this time, but keep your eyes here for more information.  Hardware is due out in the UK on June 22, 2009 and will retail for £19.99. 
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