Eve Synopsis and Concept Art


Just yesterday news arrived that Brian Metcalf was going to direct the project Eve. A film that drew some striking resemblances to Hack/Slash. Now UHM has gotten their hands on the official synopsis and concept art for the film.

The film is set in an alternate, more seedy Los Angeles. After discovering her father was the deadliest serial killer of all time, Evelyn makes the decision to track down every psycho she can get her hands on. But these are no ordinary killers, they have supernatural advantages to them - something she must learn to adapt to. She also must learn as to why they are gathering in this city and what their evil intentions are while having to reconcile with her own past.

Now below you can check out the concept art that features Elaine Hendrix in the title role. Apparently this has been a pet project of Metcalf's since '98. So is this just a case of Hack/Slash becoming a comic first? Or is this an empty claim by Metcalf? Who can really know anymore. What do you think?

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