Mimic Directors Cut Update


Somewhat new, somewhat old. Today comes word that MIMIC is getting a director cut release. This is old news but now there is a date from TWITCH. The film will be released July 8th!

Back in July Rotten Tomatoes spoke with the man and del Toro revealed that he is trying to go back and make a directors cut,

"It's worth going back [to Mimic] for me, and I'm trying to do it. It'll not make a massive difference, but I think tonally it will. I would retrieve those fake scares, I would put back some of the other content, and I would hope it makes a different. But who knows?"

It's not going to be the Director's Cut to end all Director's Cuts, it's just going to make a minute difference to a movie that is not a lost classic by any stretch of the imagination but I do believe the screenplay is really good and I urge people to read it on the net."

So now the directors cut is clearly done and ready to rock. I am one of the people who thought Mimic was a pretty fun film. Did you love it or hate it?

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