No Mimic Special Edition

Sorry folks, time to start wadding through the articles of April the 1st and figure out which ones are jokes and which ones aren't.  It pains me to say this but we got go.  The word that Guillermo Del Toro's Director's Cut of Mimic was finally going to DVD was a joke.

The cruel (yet genius folks) over at Twitch came out and admitted that Mimic was their April Fool's prank.  It's incredibly sad to put salt on the wound, but in real news; apparently the project has been abandoned. 

Personally, I really like Mimic, it has a cools story, unlike a lot of other Dimension releases from the 1990s, it had its own aesthetic look making visually more unique and it has some good thrills and chills.  However my enjoyment cannot be shared by Del Toro himself as the Weinsten Brothers meddled in the production of the film, causing scenes to remain unshot, altered during the shoot and edit...and generally what I call 'Pulling A  Weinstein'. 

However unlike a lot of April Fool's pranks, this has a high degree of legitmacy.  On severl occassions Del Toro has said that some excised footage does exist and if he could put it back in and do some tweaking; while it might not be his original vision, it would be closer. 

Twitch also reported that Del Toro's Cronos was getting DVD treatment from the Criterion Collection the same day as well.  I subscribe to the Criterion Newletter however my email has been most uncooperative with showing images as of late.  So Cronos being Criterion is still good as far as we know.  But, sorry folks....we got got.  No Mimic Director's Cut.

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