Hardware DVD Special Features & Art

A while ago we informed y'all that Richard Stanley's film Hardware will be receiving the DVD treatment in the UK.  Great news for our readers across the pond and those here with Code/Region free DVD players.  Well, DVDActive has gotten word from Optimum Releasing about the Special features and artwork.  Good news is that the film will be the Unrated cut.

As they are at the moment, these are the Special Features:

  • New Director & Producer Commentary
  • Voices of the Moon Documentary
  • Original Market Promo for Hardware
  • Booklet Featuring Shok!
  • Notes by Kim Newman
  • Original Storyboard Artwork

I wanna say, looks to be shaping up to be the package fans of the picture have been waiting for.  I would like to see a retrospective interview with Stanley and some of the cast added if possible, would feel a bit rounded out.  But the commentary and the original promo (I'm hoping its an EPK and not just text) seems worthy enough.  It's kind of odd they would include Voice of the Moon, which is a half-hour long documentary Stanley did in Afghanistan near the end of the Soviet-Afghan war in the late 1980s.  It's an odd documentary as well, no real narrative stucture, but well done. 

I'm excited about the release, but once again, it's only in the UK.  So our readers in the UK and those with Code/Region Free players will be able to have something cool show off to their mates when it comes out.  Hardware comes out June 22, 2009 and will retail for £19.99
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